The Membership Verification in BSNL for grant of recognition to the majority union is to take place on 12th October 2002. This is the 9th Membership Verification and in all the last 8 Membership Verifications, BSNLEU has won with good majority. This time also there is no doubt about its victory. The BSNL workers realize and remember that this is the union which has always stood and fought for their cause.

Since its inception after formation of BSNL, BSNLEU has stood for strengthening of the Public Sector. First, it demanded for the Public Sector IDA pay scales, which was agreed to by most of the other organisations and got achieved. Once recognised as the majority union in 2004, it continuously took up issues in favour of other PSUs, of which a few issues are given below:

  1. Gift of HMT Watch to BSNL workers: BSNLEU demanded that HMT watch should be gifted to each employee for their great contribution to the growth of BSNL. This was agreed to, but management wanted that watch should be got supplied by private company Titan. Titan approached GS of BSNLEU who flatly refused even discussion with them. BSNLEU told that watch only from HMT is to be gifted. It was also to help the ailing HMT. BSNLEU was part of the negotiation with HMT, who appreciated our role. Thus 3.5 lakhs watches were bought from HMT, which was a real help to them.
  2. Group Insurance through LIC: BSNLEU demanded for implementation of Group Insurance for BSNL employees and proposed it through PLI. Since PLI was unable to provide such a big project, BSNLEU demanded that the Group Insurance be taken from LIC. Negotiations were conducted in which BSNLEU was also a party. A very good scheme was finalised and implemented which were beneficial both to BSNL, its workers and LIC. LIC Director who participated also appreciated the role of BSNLEU.
  3. Loans from PSU Banks: As per the demand of BSNLEU, negotiations were conducted with PSU Banks, in which BSNLEU was also a party and a good scheme was implemented for getting loans from the PSU Banks. This was maximum utilised by the workers. PSU Banks also benefitted.
  4. Improvement of Telecom Factories: It was proposed to close some of the Telecom Factories, since it was stated that their productions have become outdated and running them were complete loss. BSNLEU demanded for constituting a Joint Committee of Management and BSNLEU, which visited all the 7 Telecom Factories and submitted recommendations for modernisation and improvements of the Factories. Only about 10% of the recommendations were implemented, but even that made the TFs to exit, without the workers being retrenched. It also helped BSNL to get cables and other materials at less cost.
  5. Orders for ITI: BSNLEU demanded BSNL and also DOT that orders for telephone equipment as also other necessary telecom equipment should be purchased from ITI instead of from private companies and that advance amount should be paid to ITI, since it was not having sufficient funds to invest. The Co-ordination Committee of ITI unions had approached BSNLEU in this connection. The case was taken and it was implemented partially. BSNLEU was appreciated by the ITI Unions as also ITI Management when GS BSNLEU visited ITI.
  6. BSNLEU always had close connection with MTNL Unions and initiated joint struggles with them.
  7. BSNLEU was part of CPSTU, the Co-ordinating Committee of the PSU unions. It implemented all the programmes, including strike calls, called by CPSTU, which was much appreciated.
  8. As can be seen from above, BSNLEU has been an integral part of the PSU Fraternity and ensured whatever co-operation can be made with other PSUs and their workers. – A Champion of PSUs.