The 9th Membership Verification for grant of Recognition to the Unions in BSNL is scheduled to take place on 12th October 2022. We call upon the employees to vote for BSNL Employees Union, the recognised Union since 2004. BSNLEU as the recognized union for the last 18 years have been in the forefront of the struggles to save BSNL as also to achieve the demands of the workers. It also took initiative in forming the Forum/ Joint Forum / AUAB, coordinating all the unions/associations to strengthen BSNL and to defend it from the continuous attacks by the government to privatise/disinvest or close it. A few of the major achievements during the years for the workers are given below:

  1. Historic Pay Revision of BSNL Employees w.e.f. 01.01.2007 : Despite loss to the company in 2007-08, 2008-09 and net loss of Rs. 1800 crore in 2009-2010, BSNL Employees Union as the recognised union ensured a magnificent wage agreement with effect from 2007. Achieved 30% fitment as granted to executives. (Many PSUs, the fitment granted to executives as per II PRC was not given to non-executives.). Span of pay scales got increased from the proposed 12 to 22 so that stagnation should not be there. (It is to be noted here that NFTE and FNTO demanded for immediate implementation of what was proposed by Management ie. 22 % fitment and 12 years span and sent thousands of letters from employees to the management to this effect.) .
  2. Though only fitment benefit of pay + 68.8% DA was granted to executives, a clause was included that pay + 78.2@ DA should be granted including for executives. This was got after united struggles.
  3. Assured 3% increment on basic pay, resulting increase of increment amount every year.
  4. More benefit in pay fixation on promotion , compared to executives.
  5. OTA rates revised.
  6. Food Allowance introduced for the first time.
  7. VRS agreed to by NFTE, then recognised union, in JCM in 2004, was got cancelled in the first meeting of the JCM after BSNL Employees Union became the Recognised Union.
  8. Disinvestment proposal as well as cancellation of GSM equipment in 2004-05 were defeated through struggles.
  9. Loan from PSU Banks got implemented.
  10. Restoration of HRA to many B2 cities which were not eligible as per population .
  11. Rent Free Telephones to BSNL Retirees wef 2007.
  12. Grant of HMT Wrist Watch to all employees in 2006.
  13. Increased Bonus in many years.
  14. Implementation of BSNLMRS including to family pensioners.
  15. Implementation of New Group Insurance Scheme for BSNL Employees (BSNLGSLIS)
  16. Sanction of Govt Pension on IDA scale, which benefitted in a big way.
  17. Timely settlement of Pensionary Benefits.
  18. 4 Promotions after every 8 years achieved after serious struggles without foregoing any existing rights. Those who were absorbed from DOT got first promotion after 4 years and second after 7 years as they could not promotions in DOT on the basis of 2 promotions. (It is to be noted that for getting two promotions after 16 years and 24 years in DOT, O.P.Gupta, SG NFPTE agreed for no-recruitment as well as reduction of staff ).
  19. After the implementation of the Wage Revision in 2007 and 4 Time Bound Promotions, the Annual Wage Bill of BSNL increased form Rs. 8,000 to Rs. 14,000 crore. The BSNL workers got the maximum benefit as never before.
  20. All Constitutional safeguards to SC/ST employees got strictly ensured in BSNL
  21. Special Promotions to Sports Quota officials achieved.
  22. 3500 supernumerary posts got created to accommodate JTO promotees.
  23. Recruitment of more than 300 sports persons in 2009.
  24. Many new Welfare measures introduced.
  25. Holiday Homes got increased.
  26. Telecom Factories modernised after a joint team of management and BSNLEU, recognised union, visited all the Telecom factories and submitted its report. Proposal to close the factories was defeated.
  27. Maternity Leave of Women Employees got increased from 135 to 180 days wef 01-10-2010.
  28. Settlement of many demands of casual and Conract Labour, including payment of Minimum Wage, implementation of ESI, EPF etc.
  29. Formation of Works Committees at National, Circle and District levels to discuss about efficiency, working conditions etc.
  30. Change of Designations of many cadres as suggested by BSNLEU got settled.

In addition BSNL Employees Union to took initiative to form the Forum/Joint Forum/AUAB for organising struggles to defend BSNL and strengthen it. Sometimes, it went alone on struggles also.

BSNL Employees Union took initiative to form Pensioners Organisation (AIBDPA) as well as BSNL Casual and Contract Workers Federation.

The major achievements of the last three years, after the last verification are given below:


BSNL Employees Union is the strongest, militant and pro-worker union, which has got hundreds of major achievements for the workers. It is part of the working class of India and has participated in all the General Strikes in India called by the Central Trade Unions. It is part of CPSTU, the strongest organisation of the PSU workers. It is also part of the International Working class being a member of the Trade Union International, which is affiliated to the World Federation of Trade Unions. It has got the heritage of the great tradition of the P and T Trade Union movement. 

Cast your valuable vote to BSNL Employees Union which is fighting for the cause of the workers and the BSNL.