11/12th July 2022, is the Anniversary of two great strikes organised by the P&T and Central Govt employees – 76 th Anniversary of the 1946 P & T Strike and 62nd Anniversary of the 1960 CG Employees Strike.

One was against the inequalities, injustices and slavery imposed by the British imperialism as also on the basic rights of the workers ; the other was against the denial of natural justice, mininum wage and DA in independent India.

Many of the rights enjoyed by workers at present are the out come of those historic strikes. In 1946 Strike which extended for 22+ 3 days, British govt was compelled to agree to all the 12 demands raised in the strike. The strike in 1960 was suppressed with an iron hand by utilising all the brute machineries of the govt due to which the same was called off after 5 days by the leaders from the jail. This resulted in another one day epic struggle on 19th September 1968.

These three great strikes compelled the central govt to start negotiating machinery, recognition of the unions, grant of DA as per cost of living index, equality in leave, holidays, pension between officers and employees, introduction of family pension etc.etc. Even if suppressed and victimised, no struggle has been in vain.

After introduction of the globalisation- liberalisation- privatisation policy since 1991, the Central Govt is taking away one after another the rights achieved after hard struggles. The entrire trade unions led by the Central Trade Unions are on struggle path, the latest strike being on 28-29 March 2022, in which more than 30 crores workers participated.

On this anniversary of the glorious 1946 & 1960 strikes, while paying respectful homage to the martyrs who fought and sacrificed themseves for the future generations, let us pledge ourselves to March Ahead in the path shown by them with courage and determination!