(The 10th All India Conference of BSNL Employees Union is scheduled to be held at Guwahati from 2nd to 4th April 2022. The period since its formation in 2001 has been full of struggles.  Strikes and Parliament Marches organised by BSNLEU /Joint Forum/ AUAB / Central TUs etc since formation are given below. As per decision of the BSNLEU,  BSNL employees participated in all the strikes called by Central TUs)

25-07-2001- One Day Strike against anti-worker policy of govt. called by Confederation.

  • – Parliament March called by Central TUs

16-04-2002 – One day Strike called by the Central Trade Unions.

19-08-2002 -Notice for Indefinite Strike by BSNLEU wef from 19-08-2002 for orders on Wage Revision Ageement. Withdrawn as orders issued on 07-08-2002.

28-11-2002 – Parliament March and 2 crore signtures submitted to Parliament against Privatisation by BSNLEU

26-02-2003 – Parliament March called by Central TUs.

21-05-2003 – One Day Strike called by Central TUs against anti-worker policy.

21-12-2004 – Massive Parliament Rally at Delhi – Memorandum to Prime Minister

05-01-2004 – One Day Strike. Withdrawn after settlement of Demands

24-02-2004 – One Day General Strike as per call of Central TUs.

29-09-2005  –  General Strike as per call of Central TUs.

03-08-2006  –  March to Parliament by Joint Forum

11-07-2007  – One Day Strike by BSNL employees

26-02-2008 – Joint Forum – Strike withdrawn after settlement

26-03-2008 – One Hour Strike by BSNLEU

07-05-2008 –  CPSTU Strike. Deferred after settlement

20-08-2008 – General Strike called by Central TUs

11-12-2008 – Strike by Joint Forum – Deferred after assurances

18-02-2009 – Parliament March caled by Sponsoring Committee of TUs

19- 05-2009 – Two days Strike withdrawn after assurances.

 19/20-8-2009 – 2 days Strike on BSNL issues.

20-04-2010 – Indefinite Strike on BSNL issues. Withdrawn after two days.

07-09-2010 – General Strike called by Central Trade Unions

15-09-2010 –  March to Parliament by JAC of BSNL Unions

1-2-12-2010 – Two Days Strike by BSNL Emloyees

15-02-2011 – Strike by BSNL Employees

23-02-2011 – Workers March to Parliament called by Central TUs

28-02-2012 – General Strike called by Central TUs.

16-11-2012 –  One Day Strike demanding arrest of Adesh Kumar GM GZ for murder of DS GZ

22-11-2012 – Parliament March by JF for absorption of ITS

12-12-2013 – Parliament March called by CTUs

27-11-2014 – One Day Strike by Joint Action Committee

25-02-2015 – March to Parliament by BSNL employees for revival of BSNL

21,22 -04-2015 – Two Days Strike for Revival of BSNL

02-09-2015 – General Strike called by CTUs

02-09-2016 – General Strike called by CTUs

27-07-2017 – Strike by BSNL employees

12/13-12-2017 – Two day Strike by BSNL Employees

23-02-2018 – March to Parliament by   AUAB BSNL

18/20-02-2019 – Three Days Strike by BSNL Employees called by AUAB

05-04-2019 – Sanchar Bhawan March by AUAB

08-01-2020 – General Strike by Central TUs

26-11-2020 – General Strike called by Central TUs

28/29-3-2022 – BSNLEU workers will participate in the strike called by CTUs.

( In addition to these, Dharnas, Demonstrations, National Conventions, March to CGM/GM Offices etc. were organised several times to focus the demands and for settlement. In fact the entire period of 21 years after formation of BSNL Employees Union have been full of sustained struggles to achieve demands of the workers. BSNLEU ensured that each and every strike called by the Central Trade Unions are successfully organised in BSNL).