CHQ has been continuously pursuing the issue of non-payment of medical benefits to the BSNL pensioners as one of the most burning issues. We have discussed the issue several times with the CMD, BSNL and took up with higher authorities like Secretary, DOT, Secretary, DOP&PW, Hon’ble Minister of Communications, Hon’ble Prime Minister and recently the most hon’ble President of India. We have conducted many agitations on our own, then with NCCPA, Confederation of Central Government Employees & Workers and Coordination Committee of BSNLEU, AIBDPA & BSNL CCWF. BSNLEU also took up the issue seriously with the BSNL management.

Now, the BSNL management has reluctantly allotted a meagre amount for payment of medical benefits to the BSNL pensioners. This fund allocation is not even sufficient to clear the reimbursement of medical bills of the pensioners upto 30-09-2019. Worse, in many circles, according to reports received so far, the optees of without voucher, medical allowance, are completely ignored. This has caused much discontentment and dissatisfaction among the BSNL pensioners. This is nothing but adding fuel to the fire. It has also come to our notice that in certain circles the names of the optees of without voucher (medical Allowance) are not entered in ERP resulting in non-payment. It is another form of discrimination and has to be resisted and defeated. Circle Secretaries are requested to collect the exact position and send the report to CHQ so that the issue could be further taken up with the appropriate authorities.