This is atrocious!

Com.R.N.Parashar, respected leader of the CG & Postal employees, Secretary General of Confederation and NFPE has been issued with chargesheet under Rule-14 of CCS(CCA) Rules on 31-12-2021, on which day he has retired from service on superannuation. The charge is that he has availed ‘ foreign service’ for more than the eligible period of seven years. The limit of 7 years period is applicable for officials, who are deputed on foreign service to other departments etc. It is not applicable to the union leaders who are deputed on foreign service to unions for full time work as requested by unions. The entire pay & allowances and even pension contribution of the official are paid by the union. No expenditure for govt. This ‘ foreign service’ facility was granted to union leaders in order to avoid outsiders becoming leaders of the service unions and to enable union leaders to work full time for union. Com.R.N.Parashar as top leader of two mighty organisations as also the Staff Side Member of National Council, Joint Consultative Machinery, availed foreign service after the same was sanctioned as per rules by Department of Posts. It was nothing new, as earlier incumbents have also availed the same.

This atrocious order has been issued by Dept. in order to harass the senior leader and to deny or delay his pension and other retirement benefits. It is also a threat to other union leaders. The fact that this is issued just before the declared General Strike of 23-24 February strike is also significant.

If Modi govt is thinking that by victimising leaders, the unions can be weakened and workers threatened, it is mistaken. The P&T Trade Union movement has faced inhuman victimisations since British days, but never surrendered. Instead fought back continuously till they are vacated. This time also, it will not be different. Already NFPE has called upon its units organise strong protests through out the country against this unwarranted attack.

Demand the Govt and Department of Posts to cancel the wholly unjustified and atrocious chargesheet issued against Com.R.N.Parashar SG NFPE immediately.

V.A.N.Namboodiri, Patron, National Coordination Committee of Pensioners’ Association.
[9:14 pm, 01/01/2022]