T.Nadu AIBDPA comrades have once again shown that they will spare no pains to advance the cause of the pensioners and the organisation.

It was the first time after the Covid pandemic started that I visited and participated in an AIBDPA meeting in T.Nadu. Com.N.Kuppusamy, Circle Secretary AIBDPA, insisted that I should attend their Circle Working Committee on 19th Nov. being held at Trichy. Despite heavy rain and floods in Chennai and some other parts of T.Nadu, almost all office-bearers and other CWC members attended. While inaugurating the CWC, I mentioned about the necessity of revival of BSNL, our responsibility, main demands, the need for united struggles etc. Before the inauguration, I was garlanded and honored with shawls by almost all the CWC members as also Reception Committee. The love and affection shown by the comrades are beyond description. Com.C.K.Narasimhan, Circle President, presided and Welcome Speeches delivered by both Com.N.Kuppusamy, Circle Secretary and Com.T.John Batcha, Dist Secretary. Coms. S.Mohandoss, All India Vice President and Com.K.Pankajavally, All India Asst. Treasurer addressed. The CWC was greeted by Coms. G.Sundararaju, DS, BSNLEU and G.Mubarak Ali, DS, TNTCWU. The CWC after discussion have taken a decision to enroll maximum number of pensioners as members as also to increase subscribers to Telepensioner. Other important decisions were taken. Though my train back to Kozhikode was early in the morning at about 04.30, some comrades came sufficiently in advance and helped me and saw to it that I boarded the train without any difficulty. Once again the T.Nadu AIBDPA comrades have shown that they are in the forefront on the path of advancement. Thanks Comrades!