The valuable assets of BSNL and MTNL in major cities of Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Kolkatta and Bhavanagar are put on sale for a basic price of Rs.970 crores by Central Govt. These assets’ real value will be much more, may be three or four times of the base price fixed.
It is to be pointed out here that though these are BSNL/ MTNL properties, the sale price may go to the govt, as have seen earlier, instead of to BSNL, MTNL, who are the real owners and who are direly in need of funds for their revival. This is a great injustice.
The govt intention is starve BSNL/MTNL of any funds and destroy them. Govt dues to the tune of Rs.3900 to these PSUs for services rendered are not paid. The assurances on ensuring financial viability is not honoured. Introduction of 4G is not allowed by putting unnecessary conditions which are not put for 4G services by private companies thus discriminating these PSUs.
It will be disastorous to ignore these anti-BSNL- MTNL decisions. If BSNL-MTNL are not in the picture, the prices of mobile services may spiral up to 10 or 20 times as are the charges increased for train tickets, for tea /coffee in privatised airports ( Rs.220 for a cup of coffee in Mumbai Airport) etc.