Senior Citizens Friends Welfare Association (SCFWA), Kerala was formed on 9th July 2006 and is completing 15 years of glorious service on 9th July 2021. It is the biggest organisation of senior citizens in Kerala. It deals with the the lot of problems of the aged people including health, security, social justice and against intimidation, harassment etc. of old people.

I got the opportunity to get connected with the SCFWA since my return from Delhi in 2017 and was elected as the President of the Association in the State Conference held in 2017 itself. Re-elected in the Thrissur Conference held in 2020.

The office-bearers are a dedicated team with may stalwarts in the trade union and social activities fields. There is good representation of SCFWA in the Vayojana Council constituted by the government.

Important issues of the aged people are brought to the notice of the government for getting redressal. There is good response from the government. Old aged persons are being paid a monthly Vayojana Pension of Rs. 1,600. This is being increased every year and is expected to reach Rs.2500 by the end of the present term of the Pinarayi Government.

The 15th Anniversary of SCWFA is being celebrated in a big way by the organisation.