Red Salute to Com.Moni Bose on his 11th death anniversary!
19th May 2021 is the 11th death anniversary of Com.Moni Bose, the former General Secretary of E.III Union and the first Patron of BSNLEU. Since his joining the P&T in the 1945, he was active in the P&T Union movement and participated in the 1946 P&T strike and was terminated from service for leading the proposed 1949 strike.
He was never taken back in service, but continued his service to the workers in the Union till his death in 2010. He fought for the correct policies in NFPTE along with his elder brother and President of NFPTE Com.K.G.Bose. It was a great moment for the entire telecom workers, when he was elected as the General Secretary of E.III Union in 1991. Later he became President in 1994.
I had the opportunity to work with him for than four decades. He was a comrade in its real meaning. His life partner Com.Jytosna was a partner both in his union activities and personal life. She also passed a way a few days back ending an era of trade union activities.
Red Salute to Com.Moni Bose!