Dear Comrades and Friends, The central government employees and their organisations are observing the 60th anniversary of the heroic and historical strike of the 11th July 1960 Strike of the central government employees from 11th July 2020 for one year. That was the biggest strike in Independent India since then, which was brutally suppressed by the central government by invoking Essential Service Maintenance Ordinance and arresting tens of thousands of workers and putting them in jail. Thousands were terminated and dismissed from service. 14 comrades became martyrs. Com.P.V.Chandrasekharan and myself are in preparation of a book on this historic strike, which we propose to be published in July 2021. The book will be in Malayalam. Since this historical strike and its experience are part of the trade union movement in the country, I am going to serially post the same in English from tomorrow onwards in the Facebook and in my blog It was very difficult to get all information about the strike, after a period of 60 years. But we have tried our best for the same. Any comrade who have got more information on the subject may kindly enlighten us. Also comments on the postings are also invited so that we can improve wherever necessary. V.A.N.Namboodiri