Covid pandemic situation for more than one year has been a period of extreme difficulties for all, especially to those workers who manage their day to day life with the meagre wages they are getting. This is the sad position of the contract workers of BSNL also.

Out of about one lakh contract workers 60- 70 of them have been retrenched even with out paying their wages for months. Others also have not been paid wages for more than one year. Most of the works they have been doing having been transferred to outsourcing, closing their day to day bread. About 11 or more contract workers have committed suicide unable to feed their families.

Despite continuous demand by the BSNLCCWF, the BSNL management is yet to pay the arrears of wages. The retrenched workers have not been taken back. This is unheard of cruelty to those workers who served BSNL /DOT for years.

We demand the BSNL management to urgently pay their wages and reinstate the retrenched workers.