Com. V A N Namboodiri, Advisor had a discussion with CMD, BSNL over telephone on 16-10-2020 on non-payment of medical bills, allowance and one time payment made to CGHS. Com. V A N reminded the CMD about his assurance last time that fund will be alloted after two months for payment to the retirees. But CMD replied that though it is correct that he had made such an assurance last time, the financial position of BSNL has not improved as expected and it may take another two, three months for payment of pending medical bills to the retirees. Com. VAN pointed out that BSNL is making payments to all others except the medical benefits of retirees to which CMD remained non-committal.

So it reveals the negative stand of the CMD towards the genuine issue of BSNL retirees even exposing the very credibility of the position he is holding. Now, we have no other alternative other than launching another phased programme of agitation. (Courtesy: AIBDPA website)