BSNL Management has issued orders two days back directing the Circles / SSAs to retrench the contract workers, especially in the House Keeping, security etc. This is being done in the name of paucity of funds. It was stated by the management earlier that once VRS is implemented the situation would improve. But despite the fact that 8 months are over after the implementation of VRS, more contract workers are being retrenched. It will not only result in loss of job for those workers who have wholeheartedly worked before and after the formation of BSNL, but also will deteriorate the services.

We strongly oppose the anti-worker, anti-BSNL move. Demand the BSNL management to withdraw the order and continue engagement of these contract workers. It is also demanded that the pending wages of the contract workers be paid.

BSNLCCWF CHQ has called upon its Circles/Branches to submit memorandum to the Labour Commissioners in their respective places on 8th September 2020 pointing out all the grievances of the workers. Make the programme a success.