JAC Revives Agitational Programmes.

The Joint Action Committee which met on 9th June 2010 reviewed the latest developments including the assurances given by the Communications Minister, Secretary DOT and CMD BSNL on the strike agreement on 20-04-2010. The meeting expressed its utter disappointment at the lethargic manner in which the issues were being dealt with. Instead of 93.3 million GSM tender, only 5.5 million tender was floated. BSNL was compelled to pay spectrum charges of Rs. 10,186 crore and BWA spectrum charges of Rs. 8,313 crore. This will take away almost all the cash reserve of BSNL. 78.2% IDA was not paid to staff, though that was part of the agreement. Revision of Pension for BSNL pensioners with effect from 01-01-2007 also was not settled. Under these circumstances, the JAC decided to revive the agitational programmes. Accordingly the following programmes were decided:
1. Lunch Hour Demonstrations on 14-06-2010
2. Dharan at C.O/Circle/SSA levels on 16-06-2010
These programmes were effectively implemented.

The JAC leaders met the Secretary DOT Shri P.J.Thomas on 18th June 2010 and discussed, but none of the issues was solved. JAC met the full BSNL Management Committee on 21-06-2010 and had detailed discussion. No results.

Under these circumstances, the Joint Action Committee met again on 21-06-2010 and decided to ensure that maximum efforts should be made to save BSNL. The following action programmes were decided:
1. Post Card campaign – All employees should send Post Card to Dr. Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister with the following demands written on it:
Respected Sir,
Kindly ensure financial viability of BSNL by reimbursing 3G and BWA Spectrum charges of Rs. 18,500 crores paid by BSNL to enable it to implement the socio-economic commitment of the Central Government.
Yours Faithfully, Name, Designation, Signature.
These cards should be sent by all the employees by 5th July 2010, so that more than 3 lakh Post Cards will reach the Prime Minister.
2. A National Convention to be held at New Delhi on 21st July with massive participation of employees. The JAC decided to hold similar conventions in major cities also.
3. Meetings with Finance Minister, Communications Minister and Prime Minister to be sought for pressing our demands.
4. JAC should be formed at Circle, SSA and Branch levels immediately to organize the progammes effectively and successfully.
A detailed circular was issued by the JAC signed by Coms. V.A.N.Namboodiri (Convener), P.Abhimanyu (BSNLEU), Prahlad Rai (AIBSNLEA), S.P.Sharma (BSNLWRU), (FNTO), (NFTE), G.L.Jogi (SNEA), D.P.Patwa(AIBCTES), Suresh Kumar (BSNLMS), Rana Pratap (BEA BSNL), R.S.Yadav((ATM), N.D.Ram (SEWA BSNL) and Ram Kishun Ram (BTU BSNL)

Meeting with Communications Minister A.Raja on 24-06-2010 at Coimbatore

With a view to stop BSNL’s actual payment of Rs. 8,313 crore towards BWA Spectrum charges, the JAC leaders held an emergency meeting with Communications Minister A.Raja, who was attending the World Tamil Conference at Coimbatore on 24-06-2010. Coms. V.A.N.Namboodiri, Convener, P.Abhimanyu (BSNLEU), G.L.Jogi (SNEA) and Prahlad Rai (AIBSNLEA) attended. The following issues were discussed.
1. Procurement 10 million mobile equipment
2. Reimbursement of Rs. 18,500 crore to BSNL which was the charges paid by it to Government for allotment of 3G and BWA Spectrum charges.
The meeting was cordial and the Minister agreed to favourably consider the same. (To be continued).