VRS retirees ,retired under BSNL VRS-2019, who have attained the age of 60 should give application for commutation of pension.

Application is to be submitted to the BA from where they retired in the prescribed form 1(a).

In case, pensioners submit their application after one year of attaining the age of 60, they should have to give the application in Form.2 along with medical certificate from a medical officer of grade as prescribed under Rule 22 of CCS Commutation Rules,1981.

The Head of BA shall verify the application of commutation and sign in the space provided in the form and forward the application to the concerned CCA.

It has been brought to our notice that a vast majority of the eligible VRS retirees who have attained the age of 60, have not submitted the application. So Circle/ District Secretaries may please take necessary action to bring it to the notice of VRS retirees and ensure that the applications are submitted early. (Courtesy: AIBDPA website)