BSNL pensioners are eligible for pension revision w.e.f. 01-01-2017. The last revision was made in 2007, 13 years earlier. DOT is stating that pension revision can be granted only after the pay revision of the BSNL employees. This is great injustice. III Pay Revision Committee has recommended pay revision @ 15 %. BSNL management has sought approval of DOT for grant of 15% pay revision for executives. Non-executives unions have discussed wage revision with management. The matter is pending for years. But pensioners, who are aged and require the pension revision can not wait till pay revision orders are issued. They are aged and is in dire need of the increase in pension to manage things. Their medical allowance is also reduced. It is a crime to delay pension revision to these pensioners, who have served the nation for three – four decades, on the plea that pay revision is not granted. Pensioners are not responsible for the same.

AIBDPA leaders have met more than 100 Members of Parliament and many of them have raised the issue with the government, but no action. Email was sent in hundreds to the Prime Minister, but no action.

We demand that the BSNL, DOT and Central Government to take immediate action so that the BSNL pensioners are granted pension revision wef 01-01-2017 without further delay.