All India Protest day on 21st January 2008

As per the call of the joint Forum, BSNL workers organized All India Protest Day on 21-01-2008 by wearing black badges and demonstrating in front of telephone exchanges and offices. Thousands of workers participated in these demonstrations giving a stern warning to the BSNL management of strike, if the demands raised by the JF are not settled.

Meeting with CMD on 23-01-2008

On the basis of the letter dated 23-01-2008 from the JF, the CMD BSNL Shri Kuldip Goyal called a meeting with the unions and discussed the following issues:
Immediate purchase of equipments, restoration of ADC to BSNL which was discontinued from 2008-09, early payment from USO Fund to BSNL, modernization and increasing of productivity of Telecom Factories, regular functioning of the Works Committees at SSAs, providing broadband connections without delay, increasing of market functions, eliminating wastage, strict action against corruption etc. The CMD agreed to take up the issues seriously. But no concrete decision was given.

Joint Forum calls for Indefinite Strike from 26-02-2008 against proposed disinvestment.
As per the decision of the JF, notice for indefinite strike w.e.f. 26th February 2008 was served on the BSNL Management and Secretary DOT on the following demands:

1. Drop disinvestment / IPO proposal of the government
2. Withdraw proposal for VRS in BSNL
3. Withdraw BSNL’s arbitrary order dated 15-06-2006 on pension contribution
4. Ensure uninterrupted supply of 2G and 3G equipments, additional 2G Spectrum as well as 3G Spectrum as agreed earlier
5. Ensure BSNL’s financial viability by continuing ADC, Reimbursement of Licence Fee and funds from USOF
6. Immediate grant of Navaratna status to BSNL
7. Immediate absorption of ITS Officers in BSNL.

The Strike Notice was signed by Comrades V.A.N.Namboodiri (BSNLEU), M.B.Vichare (NFTE BSNL), K.Vallinayagm (FNTO), G.L.Jogi (SNEA), K.Sathyanarayanan (AIBSNLEA), V.Subburaman (TEPU), V.Narayana (BSNLMS), S.P.Sharma (BSNLWRU), V.R.Venugopal (BTEU), A.D.Patil (AIBCTES), R.S.Yadav (ATM), Hari Singh (BTU) and Subhash Gaur (BSNLOA). Wide publicity was given to the demands and strike call through issue of pamphlets, wall posters, press statements etc. Full preparations were being made for the indefinite strike. (To be continued)