AIBDPA/BSNLMRS/2020 May 13, 2020


Shri P. K. Purwar,


Bharat Sanchar Bhawan

Janpath, New Delhi-110 001.


Sub: – Curtailment of outdoor medical benefits- modification sought- – reg.

Ref: – BSNL CO Office Order No.BSNL/Admn-1/15-12/18 dated 08-05-2020 on procedure for outdoor medical claim for BSNL Employees (Serving / Retired).

Medical benefits, outdoor, of BSNL employees and retirees are curtailed drastically vide office order referred to above.

Of course, you had given some hints during our discussion with you on 16-12-2019 that BSNL can’t afford the BSNL MRS in the present form. You had suggested switching over to CGHS and uniform monthly allowance.

We had responded with our reservations on CGHS as the dispensary/ wellness centers are available in limited cities only. However we assured you that maximum pensioners belonging to places where CGHS facilities are available, would be advised to switch over, provided that onetime payment for CGHS membership be reimbursed by BSNL timely. You were quick to reply that those joining CGHS, the amount being paid by the pensioner will be reimbursed next month itself. We are sorry to point out that this assurance is yet to be implemented.

Regarding monthly flat medical allowance, we had demanded Rs.2,000. But as per the above mentioned office order, the monthly allowance of Rs.1000 is quite insufficient to meet the requirements in the wake of higher consultation fee of the doctor and exorbitant prices of the medicines.

Regarding with voucher, the present calculation of 23 day’s pay at the time of retirement is drastically reduced to 15 and worse, the IDA of every corresponding April is changed to IDA at the time of retirement. This amounts to a double blow and gross injustice to the pensioners.

Therefore we seek your kind intervention for necessary modifications in the office order as follows;


2) With voucher it should be same as before. No change should be made.

3) Without voucher monthly medical allowance flat Rs.2,000.

Further, we are constrained to point out that any order would be meaningless, if not implemented in its true sense. We have brought to your notice in person and through a number of letters about the sufferings and distress of the Pensioners due to non payment of medical bills, both indoor and outdoor, quarterly medical allowance and amount paid for CGHS membership for the last two years. You had assured that fund could be allocated once the financial position improve during the post VRS scenario. But to our dismay, even after three months of VRS, no fund is allotted to mitigate the miseries of the Pensioners. A few of our fellow Pensioners have already lost their lives due to non consumption of life saving medicines. And we are afraid that more lives may be lost particularly during this period of Covid-19 unless relief is extended in the form allocation of sufficient funds to clear the pending medical claims.

Awaiting early positive response and action.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

K G Jayaraj

General Secretary