Lakhs of workers are affected by COVID-19 all over the world. More than 34,000 persons have died due to the pandemic. India is also affected seriously. 31 persons have died in India so far. Almost all the states are affected. The central government has declared Lock Down and people are expected to stay wherever they are. Special arrangements are made for treatment of Corona patients in all the states. The Doctors, Nurses and para medical staff are treating the patients despite the risk and they deserve our greatest appreciation and thanks. The police and security personnel are doing an excellent job, controlling the traffic, enforcing Lock Down etc. The youth in the country is doing all help.
The central and State governments are making all out efforts to control the epidemic and save maximum lives. Supply of medicines, food, arrangements for stay, arranging hospitals and wards for treatment etc. are being done.
Senior citizens above the age of 60 have been specially advised to completely stay at home, as they are more prone to the corona attack. We have to obey this direction and keep ourselves at home.
Yes Comrades, the country is facing one of the biggest challenges for decades. Funds are required by the Central / State governments urgently. The Prime Minister as well as the State Chief Ministers have called upon the people, to donate liberally to the Prime Minister’s Relief Fund / Chief Minister’s Relief Fund.
AIBDPA calls upon its members to liberally donate to the Relief Fund of the Prime Minister / Chief Minister. We have donated liberally in the earlier period of natural and other calamities, we should donate now also. The amount collected and donated may be intimated to the CHQ.
General Secretary, AIBDPA.