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Letter dated 30th March 2020 from AIBDPA to Shri P.K.Purwar, CMD BSNL demanding early payment of Medical Allowance, Reimbursement and CGHS lumpsum amount.

Sub: Settlement of Medical claims of BSNL Pensioners.
Kindly refer to our earlier letter on the subject.
As pointed out, the BSNL pensioners are having a difficult time for the last many months due to non-payment of medical allowance as also settlement of medical claims. Many pensioners are unable to take treatment due to lack of funds. We are fully aware of the financial crisis of BSNL. We are happy that the situation is improving post-VRS and the salary of the employees is being paid update.
COVID-19 has put the pensioners to more risk as the aged are more prone to its attack. Every pensioner is at home as per direction of the government. They require urgent financial help.
Considering the above situation, it is requested that sufficient funds be immediately allotted for the medical claims and reimbursement purpose.
In addition, it is also requested that BSNL may kindly refund the lump sum amount paid to CGHS by the BSNL pensioners by allotting sufficient funds for the purpose.
Yours Sincerely,
General Secretary.