Contract workers engaged in BSNL are not paid wages for about one year. They are lowest paid workers and manage their needs by the wages they receive. About 10 comrades have committed suicide unable to face the agony of their families without food. The education of their children are discontinued. The situation is very pathetic.

To a question in the Parliament, Minister for Communications, Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad had stated that the contract workers are not employees of BSNL and are engaged by contractors. He added that contractors have been paid money. This is completely wrong. Contract workers are doing the work of BSNL and BSNL is paying the wages through contractors. Hence the responsibility of payment of wages is with BSNL. The contractors are contradicting the statement of the Minister that they have been paid by BSNL.

The central govt and BSNL who have already engaged the contract worker through contractor and had got the work done for the last one year have also got the responsibility to pay them.

BSNL has assured  the Unions/Associations that their salary arrears of one month will be paid by 31st March 2020. What about contract workers?

BSNL and Govt should ensure payment of the contract workers also by 31st March with out fail.