78,569. It is the number of employees in BSNL, who have taken retirement through VRS and which will be effected by 31st January 2020.The retirement of such a large number of employees, more than 50% of the existing employees, will certainly adversely affect the service of BSNL. The AUAB and unions have demanded that the post VRS scenario and what to be done should be discussed with the unions. A detailed discussion is yet to take place.

In the meanwhile, management has issued certain instructions regarding outsourcing as also reduce the Business Areas by rearranging. Many small stations may be adversely affected, causing difficulty to the subscribers. BSNL is not for profit only, but it has a commitment to its subscribers and customers. BSNL management should urgently discuss all the post-VRS situation with the unions and find out effective solutions. Outsourcing work is a method of exploiting the unemployed and denying them the social benefits. Outsourcing should be transparent and according to the laws of the land.