Very good support is being received for the agitational programmes planned by Central Executive Committee of AIBDPA on the issue of Pension revision for BSNL retiree w.e.f. 01-0-12017. The programme is being organised to involve the entire BSNL pensioners on a massive campaign and putting pressure on the government to accede the rightful demand. The programme includes:

1. Submission of Memorandum to the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, signed by tens of thousands of pensioners.All pensioners, irrespective of union/association of BSNL/DOT to be approached and signature obtained. It is beneficial to all.
2. Meet all the Members of Parliament and request to take up the issue with the government. A copy of the Memorandum also to be given and matters explained.
3. Massive Hunger Strike on 12th February 2020 in front of the CCA Offices in the circles.
4. Massive March to Parliament on 12th March 2020 being participated by thousands of pensioners.

AIBDPA leaders are approaching all pensioners to get the memorandum signed for being given to the Prime Minister. The more the number of signatures, more pressure on the government. In this connection, I am remembering how the BSNL workers took lakhs of signatures on the Memorandum to the Prime Minister, in a lorry with full of big packets received from the Circle Unions. Not even a single M.P. should be left out. All the M.P.s should be met by our leaders at local level and request them to take up the fully justified matter with the Government. Start the work now itself, without waiting even for one day.