Again very very sad news.

CCom. Ramakrishnan, a BSNL contract labour in Kerala, put an end to his life by committing suicide in the Telephone Exchange,Nilambur, where he was working. Wages were not paid to him for the last 10 months as in the case of other contract workers. He is a differently abled worker and was somehow managing his family with the low wage being paid. Now even that wage is not paid for 10 months. His wife has no job and they are having two children. The mental agony being unable to look after the family might have made him to commit suicide.

This is the 7th suicide by BSNL contract workers in the country after the BSNL stopped paying wages on the plea of no funds. Even after these suicides, neither the government, nor the BSNL has taken any steps to pay the wages. Further, more and more contract workers are being retrenched. The Chief Labour Commissioner has directed the CMD BSNL to pay the wages but BSNL has not implemented so far. It was reported that the DOT has asked BSNL to pay the delayed salaries of the ITS officers immediately. The govt is worried about only the ITS and not others.

The government, which write off lakhs of crores rupees of NPAs of the corporates, reduce the income tax % of the corporates has no money to pay the wages of the poor contract workers who have worked for years together to give better service to the people. The govt can allot funds to retrench employees through VRS, but no funds to pay wages! It shows that the govt is not at all worried about the condition of the poor contract workers.

We strongly protest and demand the govt and the BSNL Management to urgently pay the wages with arrears to all the contract workers. Suitable compensation should be given to the family of the deceased.

The contract workers in Kerala and elsewhere are on strike and on various forms of struggles for the last many months. The govt and BSNL management is looking the other way. This is nothing but inhuman.

We express our deep sorrow in the tragedy. We convey our condolences to the bereaved family, friends and comrades.