When BSNL was profitable Central govt got thousands of crores of rupees as dividend, bonus, taxes, spectrum charges etc. When BSNL is in financial difficulties, govt does not help, does not allow to take loan, does not allot 4 G Spectrum etc. A profitable BSNL is profitable to the government.

The govt allotted 3G Spectrum at lower cost to private companies with liberal number of installments to pay the cost. But in the case of BSNL, it was allotted very late, the amount was much more and payment was insisted on one installment.

4G Spectrum is allotted to private companies 3-4 years back, but not allotted to BSNL so far. The file is going from department to department with the only intention to deny or delay at least.

The private companies will never part with their profit. They will ensure that due taxes, charges for spectrum are not paid or paid later when there is no other way. They take loan from the banks and never repay.

By discriminating BSNL and favouring private companies, especially Reliance Jio, the Modi government is giving a clear signal: It is not worried about the profit and benefit to BSNL and to Government. It is only interested in ensuring more and more profit for Reliance Jio. It is to be mentioned here that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s photo was the star attraction in the newspaper advertisements of Reliance Jio. It was an open declaration to the public and consumers that the Prime Minister of the country is the Brand Ambassador for Reliance Jio, the teleco owned by the richest Indian, Mukesh Ambani.

Of course it is well known that Modi Government is government of the corporates, for the corporates and by the corporates. SAVE BSNL, SAVE NATION!