The reported decision of the central govt to reduce the retirement age of BSNL employees from 60 to 58 is against the assurance of the central government that the opted employees will not be at any disadvantage in BSNL. This was clearly stated at the time of the formation of BSNL. The retirement age for CG employees is 60 now, and it can not be reduced for the BSNL employees.

Further, the employees have planned so many arrangements like marriage of sons/daughters, construction of houses, refund of loans and other financial dealings taking in to consideration that they will be  getting salary till they complete 60 years. All these plans will be smashed, if the retirement age is reduced from 60 to 58.

Further, more than  20,000 employees will be retiring in the next two years even without reducing the retirement year. Then why this unusual haste.

The amount which will be required immediately for the pensionary benefits can be utilised for the development/expansion of BSNL.

The BSNL Unions/Associations have strongly protested against the move to reduce retirement age and organised massive protest demonstrations. Further programmes are on the anvil.

The govt should drop the decision.