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Move to close or privatise the central PSUs, one after another, by the Modi government will, no doubt, lead the country to a national disaster. It is these 340 and more PSUs, which built up the infrastructure in various sectors and strengthened the economy. It is the nationalised banks which saved India from the financial crisis of 2007, which engulfed almost all the countries in the world. LIC, despite its moderate start, is one of the mighty PSUs, which gives financial assistance to the centre, whenever required and demanded. The dividend and taxes paid by the PSUs to the government come to  lakhs of crores of rupees.

It is only the machinations of the government and the corporates, that some of the major PSUs like BSNL, Air India, ITI, HMT have become loss making. Air India and Indian Airlines were profitable till they were arbitrarily merged and also till orders for 111 flights were ordered at the behest of the Minister when only one third of that number was required for the company. ITI was made loss making by not giving it orders for telecom equipment by BSNL and MTNL as also under-utilising the manufacturing  equipments. The case of HMT is not different. HAL is being weakened by not giving its due order for manufacture of planes, by diverting the same to the unskilled, newly formed company of Anil Ambani. Nationalised Banks are being weakened by merger, reducing the customer base as also weakening the entire sector. Profitable railway stations and trains are being handed over to private companies, leaving the loss making stations and trains with the Indian Railways. Privatising the Airports were done after all the modernisation has been done by the Airport Authority of India spending thousands of crores of rupees.

It is the ordinary people who are at the receiving end. Train and Air charges and mobile charges will be increased as in the case huge increase in petrol and diesel prices. Prices of essential commodities will be increased.

Unless this reckless and anti-people privatisation is stopped, the common people are going to suffer much more.