May 9, 2019 is the 74th anniversary of the victory of USSR over Hitler and the Nazi Germany. It was on 9th May in 1945, that the Soviet Red Army reached Berlin and raised the Red Flag there ending the dictatorship of Hitler and putting the last nail on his dream of subjugating the entire world.

After capturing France and other countries of the Europe, Hitler turned to USSR with his unstoppable mega army machine with the latest tanks, war planes etc. with lakhs of well trained army. They could invade deep in to the newly formed USSR. USSR requested Britain, France etc. to open a second line in Europe, so that the fierce attack on USSR could be weakened. But nothing was done. The imperialist countries were thinking that after USSR is defeated, then the attack on Hitler can be started.

USSR was determined to defend their Republic. At each and every step, the Nazi army had to face the defence of not only the army, but the common people. It was in Leningrad, that inch by inch fighting took place and the so called unbreakable Nazi Army was defeated. Nazi army was compelled to retreat. The USSR army not only liberated their country, but went after the Nazi army and reached Berlin, the capital of Germany, and raised the Red Flag there on Reichstag (Parliament) on 9th May 1945. It was almost the end of the II World War. Hitler committed suicide. The world escaped from a Nazist and Fascist dictatorship.
Although USSR is no more, Russian people still celebrates the victory over Fascism. This year also the anniversary was celebrated with military parade etc.

(Russian Yars RS-24 intercontinental ballistic missile systems roll through Red Square during the Victory Day military parade in downtown Moscow on May 9, 2019. Russia celebrates the 74th anniversary of the victory over Nazi Germany.)