BSNL is a 100% owned government Company. About one lakh contract workers in BSNL have not been paid wages for these workers for four months or so. In some circles wages for 10 months or so have not been paid, This is horrible. How can the low paid workers feed their families? They manage their lives on day to day basis and denial of wages for months have destroyed their lives.

The government, at the time of corporatisation, assured the workers that BSNL will be assisted and their future will be  safe. What is happening to the government’s assurance?

Is it not discrimination and a cruel joke, that while those who gets lakhs of rupees and who are in better position are paid, while those at the lowest position and managing hand to mouth are denied their wages?

The immediate demand is that the government / DOT should assist the BSNL and grant sufficient funds to pay the wages of the contract workers.