The government and the DOT as also certain media are, day in and day out, propagating that BSNL is on loss due to the large number of workers. Their panacea for the same is retrenching about 54,000 workers out of a total workforce of 1.70 lakh. This argument is completely baseless. Wherever VRS has been implemented, the company has down due to lack of workers to attend the service. Examples are many. VRS is a method to destroy the institution.

It is to be remembered that when there was 3.5 lakh of workers, about more than two lakh of workers than at present, BSNL was in good profit.  The Revenue was high as well as profit. Had the VRS programme for one lakh workers was implemented then, the company would have suffered. BSNL became loss making only due to the anti-PSU globalisation policy of the government. Every time BSNL rises up, the government will take some drastic action to cut it, to favour the private telcos. Many works are outsourced, which weakens the service as also cost much more the expenditure on staff.

More employees have to be recruited. Eligible casual and contract workers, who are working for BSNL for two to three decades or more are available. They are experienced and are capable of providing good service.

Stop VRS – Recruit workers! That is plan to revive BSNL!