Despite the assurance given by the Communications Minister to the AUAB, settlement of the demands are pending and the AUAB is compelled to issue strike notice to the government for 3 days strike from 18th February 2019. Probably, the statement of Mukesh Ambani, owner of Reliance Jio, that only BSNL is his competitor, is one reason. When Mukesh Ambani, favourite corporate leader to the government is stating that BSNL is his competitor, it is an open suggestion to the government that BSNL should be somehow killed or maimed. Denial of 4G spectrum to BSNL, delay in wage revision and pension revision, no action to reduce the pension contribution limited to the actual pay, denial of 30% pensionary benefits to DR officials etc. are clear hints that the government is going back on its commitments. The beneficiary is Reliance Jio.

HAL was denied Rafale plane order in favour of Anil Ambani’s new company which has no experience in plane building at all. Private companies were favoured for purchase of telecom towers, when better towers manufactured by Telecom Factories of BSNL were ready and available. There are several examples when PSUs were ignored and private corporates were favoured.

BSNL has been an unfavourable child from the first. Government thought that BSNL will be a total failure in the fiery competition with the private companies. When it is surviving this cut-throat competition, Central government is trying to kill it directly. But remember that there is a strong untied force of the workers to defend their own BSNL.