Caracas, January 30 : Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro assured Wednesday that the main reason for the growing pressure exerted by the United States against his government is the desire to seize its oil and mineral resources.
In an exclusive interview with the Russian outlet Sputnik, the president made reference to the mineral and natural wealth of his country as the reason behind Washington supporting coup efforts against his country.
“The direct reason is seizing the oil of Venezuela, because we have the largest oil reserves certified, we certify what will be the largest reserves of gold in the world, we have the fourth record of the world’s largest gas, and we have large reserves of coltan, diamonds, aluminum, iron, we have drinking water reserves throughout the national territory, we are an energy and natural resources powerhouse,” said the Venezuelan president.
President Nicolas Maduro reiterated that his country is a sovereign and independent nation and that it is not part of the U.S. backyard. “They (the United States) consider us their ‘backyard’ and we say that we are not anyone’s backyard, we are an independent republic.”
Given the possibilities of a dialogue with the opposition political sectors, the Venezuelan head of state reported that there are reserved contacts between authorities of several countries to try a new approach that puts an end to the situation in Venezuela.
“At the moment it is in the stage of private conversations, telephone conversations, among presidents, foreign ministers, our foreign minister Jorge Arreaza is very active, and we hope that there will be good results in the next few hours,” said the Venezuelan president.
He indicated that it is “several governments, several instances” that “have launched the idea of a dialogue supported by the governments of Mexico, Uruguay, Bolivia, Russia and other European countries.
The United States imposed sanctions on the Venezuelan oil company PDVSA Monday, blocking US$7 billion in company assets and warning that the payment of any purchase of crude oil made by local companies would go to blocked accounts.
However, the Bolivarian government responded that no vessel with crude oil will be landed in the United States, until payments are made to the Venezuelan government.(Courtesy: Ganashakti)