On the one hand the central government is often hinting about reducing the retirement age from 60 to 58 or so. In BSNL, the management has proposed to government  for reduction of retirement age from 60 to 58. The youth in the country also wants retirement age to be reduced so that there will be much more job opportunities.

Reducing the retirement age is neither practical nor will serve the purpose. The government should create more jobs for the unemployed youth by withdrawing the ban on recruitment, robotisation, expansion of services, more social benefit programmes etc instead of reducing the retirement age.

It is surprising, that the same government and PSUs like BSNL etc.  which craves of reduction in retirement age is engaging retired people as consultants even after their retirement, for which there is no justification. This is nothing but exploitation as well as favouritism; exploitation in the way that these retired people are engaged for very less allowance/wages and favouritism in the fact that only the favoured people are selected as consultants. In the existing circumstances, there is no justification for retired people to be engaged; instead new recruitment should take place.