BSNLEU wishes to convey this message to the employees, with regards to the financial condition of BSNL. It is true that BSNL is in the midst of a severe financial problem. The Company is managing to pay salary to it’s employees every month only with much difficulties. The Corporate Office is unable to allot funds for payment of medical bills and other bills. Payment of contract workers wages is being terribly delayed, due to non-allotment of funds by the Corporate Office.

At the same time, utilising the financial problems of the Company, some mischief makers are trying to create panic among the employees. Due to the various rumours being spread by the mischief makers, employees are terribly confused and are worried about their future. Hence, it is the duty of BSNLEU to give a clear picture about what is going on. We wish to make it clear that BSNL’s financial position was severely affected only due to the tariff war started by Reliance Jio from September, 2016.

Not only BSNL, but also Airtel, Vodafone and Idea, have gone into loss. In fact, the entire telecom industry has become “stressed”. However, BSNL’s condition is much better then the condition of Airtel, Vodafone and Idea. All the private companies are having huge debts. For example, Airtel’s debt is Rs. 95,000 crores. The total debt of the Vodafone-Idea is Rs.1,20,000 crores. Comparatively, it is a good news that BSNL’s debt is only a few thousand crores.

Moreover, even under severe competition from Reliance Jio, BSNL’s customers’ growth continues to be remarkable. In fact, in 2017, BSNL’s mobile customer growth was higher than the growth of Airtel, Vodafone and Idea. In 2017, BSNL’s mobile customer growth was 11.50%, whereas Airtel’s customer growth was only 9.13%. Vodafone’s growth was only 3.83% and Idea’s growth was only 3.14%.

The only problem of BSNL is that, it’s revenue collection has gone down drastically. However, Telecom Industry Experts are of the opinion that the present tariff war will not continue for long, but may go only upto March, 2019. According to them, thereafter, the tariffs will start rising. It means, the revenue of the telecom companies, including that of BSNL will start increasing. As a result, BSNL’s present cash problem will slowly go away.

Further, because of the continuous struggles of the AUAB, BSNL is going to get 4G spectrum soon. Within 6 months of the allotment of 4G spectrum, BSNL will start providing 4G service in all the circles. The AUAB has already launched the movement called “BSNL At Your Door Steps”, requesting the employees to massively involve in sales and marketing activities. Further, the AUAB has demanded the BSNL Management to curtail wasteful expenditures. The AUAB has also demanded that austerity measures should be imposed for the top officers, for cutting down their luxurious / lavish expenditures. The AUAB will continue to fight to implement this.

Hence, BSNLEU wishes to inform all that the financial problems of BSNL is going to end soon. BSNL is having a very bright future. Let us not believe rumours and the stories being spreaded by mischief makers. Let us confidently march ahead for a better future. Undoubtedly, the future is ours.

[Date : 15 – Oct – 2018](BSNLEU Website)