The 6th meeting of the Joint Committee on wage negotiation of the Non-Executives, was held today. All the members of the Staff Side, as well as the Management Side, were present. Discussion continued on finalising the pay scales. Based on the live cases received by the Staff Side, demand was raised in today’s meeting, that the maximum of the NE-4 and NE-5 should be modified, so as to give the provision for one more increment. This is necessary to avoid stagnation. The Management Side accepted to examine the demand of the Staff Side. Further, the Staff Side demanded that, the agreement on pay scales can be signed and sent immediately, for the approval of the DoT. To this, the Management Side replied that, the inputs regarding the financial implication for revision of allowances and perks also has to sent to the DoT, along with the proposal of revision of pay scales. In view of this, it is decided to discuss the revision of allowances and perks in the next meeting to be held on 09.10.2018. (Courtesy: BSNLEU website)