Today is a shiny day for the entire world. The 12 boys and the coach, who  were trapped in a cave in Thailand for the last 16 days have been brought out safely. It was a herculean and dangerous operation, in which one of the divers in the rescue time died due to lack of oxygen. For the last two days, four  boys each were brought out and today the left out 4 boys plus the coach are rescued. They have all been taken to the hospital immediately by helicopters after the rescue. It is reported that all are safe.

As in the case of Nipah virus treatment in Kozhikode, in which Nurse Lina died, in the Thaliand rescue operations, one diver passed away due lack of oxygen. They are the martyrs who sacrificed their lives to save the life of others. Their sacrifice will always be remembered.

Our hearty congratulations to the  Thai Government, the rescue team and all those connected with for the unparalleled fight and success in saving the children!