Com. Abhimanyu, the SFI leader of Maharaja’s  College Ernakuam (Kochi), who was murdered in the college campus by the SDPI terrorists was one of the best cadres of the SFI, who was loved by one and all. He was murdered for his staunch fight for correct policies and against  communal forces. The entire people of  Kerala and the student community as a whole, irrespective of union affiliation, are deeply  pained and mourn for the great loss. He was only 20, but  was one of the best human being. His death is a great loss. To avoid such loss in future, sustained and determined fight against terrorism and communalism is a must. Our deepest grief and condolences to the bereaved family, friends and comrades.

Com. Abhimanyu, your sacrifice will not be in vain! Red Salute!