The central trade unions – INTUC, AITUC, HMS, CITU, AIUTUC, TUCC, SEWA, AICCTU, UTUC, LPF and MEC has called for one day strike on 20th July 2018 on the following demands:

1. Implement the declared minimum wage of 13896/- strictly in all factories, institutions, shops. With the rising inflation announce, Rs. 20000/- as the minimum wage.

2. Prevent rising inflation. Give ration cards and residences to all laborers.

3. Security should be strictly implemented at the workplace. Adhere strictly to labor laws. Trade unions are to be registered in 45 days as per rules.

4. Delhi Government must constitute trilateral committees fairly.

5. Central Government must withdraw all anti-worker changes in labor laws. No to ‘Fixed Term Employment’.

6. Stop contractualisation of regular jobs. Confirm contract laborers / employees in the same place. Apply equal pay for equal work according to the Supreme Court verdict.

7. Make permanent recruitment of officers and staff in labor department and improve its functioning. Prevent corruption. Industrial disputes can’t be delayed incessantly. Labor Courts should be sent to the District Court.

8. All workers should be given at least Rs. 3000 / – as monthly pension. Apply Old Pension Scheme.

9. Increase the bonus limit. Remove bar on gratuity & bonus.

10. Finish discrimination with women. Manage special security for women. Make adequate hostels for women workers. Give equal pay for equal work. In every institute, sufficient women’s toilets and crèches for children should be made. Constitute Complaint Committees against sexual harassment at work sites.

11. Scheme workers declare Anganwadi, Asha Workers, Mid-Day Meal etc. as government employees. Benefit from minimum wage, social security and all other labor facilities.

12. Register vendors give them licenses. In the name of making ‘smart city’, ban on forced eviction by the municipal corporation and police.

13. Register the construction workers in 30 days. Restore the paused registration process. Make a payment in favor of beneficiaries in the deadline. Separate staff should be recruited in the board. Enter the opposite opinion in the board meeting, make it transparent.

14. Stop privatization of education, health, electricity, water, DTC, transport and other public sector. Take back the decision of privatized institutions. Remove restrictions on recruitment in government sector Increase employment opportunities. Stop FDI in all areas.

15. Apply the recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission on all employees of Delhi Government.

16. Apply the Patients Care Alliance ‘PCA’ as per the recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission on health workers.

17. Provide full status of workers to the cleaning and health workers employed in MCD. Apply the benefits to all. Ensure wages on time.

18. Give the Right to Trade Union to Delhi Metro Management staff. Fix the Delhi Metro management for irregularities in increments. Apply a single policy to a corporation.

19. Formation of Board for Welfare of Drivers, Conductors and Helper working in Private Transport Area. Union representatives should appointed as a member in the board.

20. Prevent discrimination on communal and caste grounds.

21. Do GST 0% on life saving medicines. Medical& Sales representatives to be given the status of skilled employee. The work of 8 hours should be determined.

22. Apply 10 percent service charge in the hotel industry. Give its benefits to the employee.

23. Security Guards should be included schedule employment and set up a separate board.

24. Make laws for domestic workers. Give them employee status.

25. The Delhi Government constitutes the Board for the abundance of workers working in the unorganized sector. All workers should be benefited by registering the benefits.

We extend our support and solidarity to the fully justified strike.