BSNLCCWF leaders met Sr. Ashotosh Gupta GM (Restructuring) BSNL on 15th June and demanded to take appropriate action for payment of gratuity to the Contract Labours. It was reported by the BSNL Management that complaints has been received from Labour commissioner in this regard and accordingly a committee has been formed to give proper guideline to the circles for gratuity payment by the contractors. Sr. GM (Restructuring), assured that the BSNL Management will not avoid any responsibility to make the payment of gratuity for the working period in BSNL only if Labour Commissioner will give such direction. He also assured that service union will also be consulted before taking any final decision. Com. Swapan Chakraborty, Dy. GS, BSNLEU, and com. Animesh Mitra, SG, BSNLCCWF, were in the delegation team for discussion. (Courtesy: website BSNLCCWF)