The Modi government is selling PSUs, one after another, to get some paltry amount as also to benefit the corporates to increase their assets and profits. It is almost as the PSUs are gifted
to private considering the total asset value of the PSU, its bank balance, huge area of land in prime cities etc. But the corporates want the prices to be reduced further more. The fact that no corporate was there for purchasing 76% shares of Air India, underlines this trick.

Instead of disinvestment, sale or privatisation, what is required is to modernise Air India, streamline the functions, take the employees and workers in to confidence and stop the favouritism to private airlines. It is nothing less than a national crime to sell, the pride of the nation, ‘the temples of modern India’ as the first Prime Minister called the PSUs, to the greedy corporates for increasing their profits. The huge bills due by the central government for using the AI by the Ministers, high level officers etc. should be paid immediately.

The political parties and trade unions have a responsibility to ensure that no more PSU is closed or sold or disinvested during the last one year period of the Modi government.