The GDS workers, the most exploited section in the Department of Posts are compelled to start an indefinite strike from 22-05-2018 against the treacherous approach of the central government . They constitute 60% of the total postal employees and 80 per cent of the post offices are manned by them. They are not granted civil servant status and was not included in the 7th Pay Commission and instead a committee, Kamalesh Chandra Committee, was appointed to recommend their wages and other service benefits. The committee submitted its reports many months ago but the government is delaying the implementation of the positive recommendations without any valid justification.

It is under these circumstances that all the unions, AIPEU-GDS, NUGDS,AIGDSU and BPEDU , gave a notice for indefinite strike from 22-05-2018. The central government, as in the case of other strikes, did not intervene to avert the strike through a meaningful discussion and has again shown its anti- worker face. So the GDS workers had no other option other than to start the strike and the reports received from all parts of the country indicate that the strike is a tremendous success.

AIBDPA wholeheartily supports the strike and extends our sincere solidarity to the striking heroes. AIBDPA requests all its units to go to their respective post offices and organise demonstrations in the coming days and help the striking workers by all means.