New Delhi : Earlier, this week, Muneeza Hashmi, the daughter of legendary poet Faiz Ahmad Faiz wasn’t allowed to speak at a forum in New Delhi, where she was officially invited.
According to a report in News 18, Hashmi was listed as a speaker at the 15th Asia Media Summit which was held in Delhi between May 10 and 12 but wasn’t allowed to take part. According to the report, when Hashmi reached the hotel she was told there was no booking in her name.
She was later informed by the director of the Asia-Pacific Institute for Broadcasting Development that she wouldn’t’ be allowed to speak. PIB chief Sitanshu Kar said he wasn’t aware of any such incident while co-host and IIMC director KG Suresh said: “We have no role in this. Logistics was not being looked after by us.”
Hashmi was to speak on May 10. This led Muneeza’s son Ali Hashmi to tweet tagging the PM’s Office and Sushma Swaraj and ask: “This is your Shining India? My 73- year-old mother, daughter of Faiz, denied permission to participate in the conference after being officially invited. Shame.”
Senior advocate Prashant Bhushan wrote: “Shame on the Modi government for deporting Daughter of Faiz Ahmed Faiz from India and stopping her from participating in the Asia media summit in Delhi. Faiz was not only an outstanding Urdu poet but also a staunch opponent of the military rule in Pakistan.” (Courtesy: Ganashakti)