The PSU Banks are under attack from the government as well as the corporates. In the name of NPA or unpaid loans, the Banks are criticised, forgetting conveniently that these loans of lakhs of crores of rupees are the creation of corporates and corrupt top management of the banks who dance to the tunes of the government. The workers are under threat of loss of jobs due to merger of banks etc. And at the same time the workers are blamed for all these.

It is to inform and educate the people of all these and to save the banks, that BEFI has taken to the streets. The 24 hour programme by it at Kozhikode Mudalakkulam maidan on 11/12 May 2018 was a great success with the support of trade unions, service associations etc. A lot of information on the attacks on the various PSUs and other institutions could be gathered.

This is the correct approach in the present situation. The people have to be mobilised against the wrong policies and actions of the government. From tomorrow onward BSNL workers are also in the streets with the same approach.

Congratulations to BEFI and BSNLEU and other unions for approaching the people for support and co-operation!