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“Nationwide, protest demonstrations were organised by FCI Employees Association (CITU) on Friday in many states against the lackadaisical attitude and nefarious design of Government missionaries on pending wage revision of FCI Employees.

The DPE in its office memorandum of 8th round wage negotiation for unionised workmen in respect of CPSEs has not permitted Food Corporation of India (FCI) to commence wage revision process for its employees till now by saying that the government would not provide any budgetary support for any such wage increase, and FCI would have to bear the entire financial implications from their own resources.
Dr. A Sampath MP inaugurated the All India Protest at Regional Office, Trivandrum, Kerala. While addressing the protest MP informed that as per High Level Committee report already FCI Operations are under the threat of Privatization. It is a serious threat to the existence of FCI and food security of the nation. Subsidy received every year by FCI was lower than claimed for from the GoI. On an average only 67 per cent of subsidy claimed was released by the GoI over the last five years because of which FCI had to borrow from other costlier means of finance. Details of Subsidy is attached for ready reference 1. FCI had to pay huge amount of interest on funds raised from external sources, as it did not get the food subsidy reimbursement in time from the Government of India (GoI). It will also affect the day to day operations of Food Corporation of India.

The primary duty of FCI is to undertake procurement, storage, movement, transportation, distribution and sale of food grains. Now FCI had 14556 Category III & IV employees as on 31 March 2018 against the sanction of 27345. A shortage of 12789 personals. The newly joined employees are resigning from FCI due to meagre income and difficult working atmosphere compare to other PSUs. The last wage revision was taken place before 10 years, i.e on 2007. The volume of the work as compared to the year 2007 has increased manifold. Now the turn over per employee handled is five folded. Dr A Sampath Mp told that nothing can replace manpower, proving food security to the nation is an important job and necessary personals should be recruited and the employees should be paid a good wage similar to the central government employees. Denying legitimate demand of FCI employees are unjustifiable.” (Press report)

The struggle of the FCI workers should be fully supported.