Lalit Modi, Vijay Mallya, Nirav Modi, Vikram Kothari – the list is unending. They are  robbing the poor people’s money deposited in the banks, with the full connivance of the bank management and their political masters. It is not small amount. The three-four barons mentioned alone have captured more than Rs. one lakh crore of rupees from the PSU Banks and left the country, with the full knowledge of the government. In fact, it might have been some of the political leaders who might have arranged the escapade , because it is also their own necessity having close connection with these cheats.

During the UPA and  NDA governments, India has become one of the countries, where corruption, bribery, cheating, black market, money laundering and all after effects of implementation  of crony capitalism have flourished unchecked. The present Modi Government has topped in the game.

When crores of young people with out jobs, poor people with out food are somehow dragging their every day life, these barons treat themselves in posh hotels, build/purchase palatial building in India and abroad, spend their times with world celebrity models, and is show cased in all big functions, including that are participated by the Prime Minister and other ministers. These vulgar exhibitions of wealth and plunder are glorified by the print and other medias, of course which are owned by the same corporate class.

The general elections are going to take place next year. These ruling classes which supports the rich to rob the poor should be thrown out. This crony capitalism which has engulfed the country in to worst misery can not be allowed to continue.

Political freedom we got in 1947. The struggle for economic freedom has to continue.