Congratulations for the Kerala LDF government for taking the bold decision to pay the pension of the KSRTC pensioners, along with the arrears. The government has taken the decision which requires a lot of funds, despite the weak financial position of the government created by GST etc. due to its pro-worker policy and also due to the strong pressure from pensioners.

There are 39,045 KSRTC pensioners at present and the number will increase every month. Rs. 219 crore will be required to pay the pension this month which is being taken on loan from the cooperative Banks, which will make arrangements for the payments in the area where the pensioner lives.Pension Accounts will be opened in these co-operative banks and disbursed every month.

Rs.10,000 crore is allotted in the budget this year for the rejuvenation of the KSRTC and making it profitable. KSRTC workers are committed to fully co-operate and ensure the revival of the PSU, which is under severe strain  due to serious debt.

KSRTC should become the shining face of Kerala Government.