The strong stand of the management of Sanchar Bharati, a central PSU, against the autocratic directions of the central government is to be appreciated. According to the reports in the press, Chairman and members of the Prasar Bharati Board has taken strong exception to the ‘directives’ of the Information and Broadcasting Ministry to terminate the services of all the contractual employees of the Prasar Bharati. They also opposed the direction of the Ministry to appoint two journalists in the PSU at exorbitant pay to the tune of Rs. one crore a year, which comes more than the salary of the President of India. At present, the topmost pay in the Prasar Bharati is only Rs. 1.6 lakh in a month and to increase it to more than 8 lakh is preposterous.

Congratulations to Prasar Bharati Board for taking bold decisions! The Modi government stands exposed for recommending to retrench the workers and also directing the PSU to appoint and pay exorbitant salary to its nominees.