The serial ‘Looting and leaving’ the country continues with the full knowledge of the Government, whether UPA or NDA.

Looting the country, the banks and the hard earned money of the common people and then leaving the country with the connivance of the ruling party and government continues. Lalit Modi, Vijay Mallya and now Nirav Modi. Whether UPA or NDA, there is no difference. These looters have high level political connections even with the Prime Ministers, what to say about other leaders. It is reported that even after FIR was filed against Nirav Mody, he was present in the Davos meet and photographed with Narendra Modi, Prime Minister! Look out notices will be issued when the scam is exposed, but well before that these barons will leave for foreign countries with the loot. Case will be filed, it will continue for years with out any decision and at last people will forget and these cheats will return and continue further loot.

They will never be caught because the rulers will be exposed when the looters open their mouth. Hence it becomes the necessity of the powers be that these looters are not caught. They are allowed to escape unscathed.

Can this situation be allowed to continue?