There are about 2 lakhs unfilled vacancies in the Railways! Due to non-filling up of the vacancies arisen by retirement etc. the Railways are acutely in shortage of staff, which hampers the smooth functioning of the biggest organisation, which caters to the travel needs of crores and crores of people.

Almost 20,000 – 30,000 employees are retiring every month with out any new recruitment. In the last one year alone, 21,678 employees have retired as per the reply given by Railway Minister to Com. C.P.Narayanan, M.P. The requirement will be much more if the development and new routes and trains are taken in to consideration.

While BJP had promised at the time of elections to ensure 2 crore new jobs every year, in the last four years of its rule, it could not provide even ten lakhs job. As in the case of Railways, even the existing vacancies are not filled.

The government should not ignore the need of the Railways as well as the unemployed. It should immediately act to fill up the vacancies in Railways.